Never Forget

  ​I always share posts from The AIDS MEMORIAL on INSTAGRAM ( ) administered by the amazing Ash Jones, becuse this is an important period and an event that cannot be allowed to fade from the memories of America and the World, if only because of the fact that as the death toll grew ever larger, America and the World would come face to face with the deadly consequences of their embrace of ignorance and hate. 

  Most of the early deaths would have been preventable well before they were in numbers that rivaled those of American casualties in the Vietnam War. Had the conservative movement and its leaders not convinced themselves and their quarum that A) they and they alone are the arbiters of God’s will. B) God would ever be  punishing those suffering from this disease for going against his will by acting on their innate nature and rejecting the views of ancient men and women with the barest and least pertinent understanding of humanity in the recorded histories of mankind C) ignoring the suffering and allowing the disease to take its course would extinguish their political, social, and spiritual enemies (is it even possible for a Christian to have a human enemy?) this disease could have been just a bad memory by now. Many of them found out how wrong they were, but not until death took their own loved ones, valued employees, trusted neighbors, cherished teachers, the only hairdressers that could do anything with that hair etc… but only as the numbers of those that death took reached the proportions and and scale of Americans killed in WWII. Unfortunately, many of them have doubled down on their claims to know God’s will and their desire to marginalize whole swaths of humanity to death is as strong as ever, as an incongruous Christian vanity drives them to lie and cheat their way to power. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and a self described faithful Catholic, used to spout Objectivist claptrap from Ayn Rand’s fictional man/gods of self determination as if Jesus HimSelf Christ (yes, that’s what the “H” stands for) had dictated the novels to Regina Reactionary Rand while giving the Sermon on the Mount and telling his TV audience that God wants him to have a luxury yacht so he can go to San Moritz and become a Fisher of Selfmade Millionaire and Billionaire Men, urging those followers to pledge their loaves and fishes until it hurts, because if Jesus can’t have that yacht, well then Satan wins! Yes, that’s how a whole lot of Christian Libertarian Republicans, got themselves elected, after which they quietly and unceremoniously droped all mention of the Atheistic Guru of Greed and Self-interest, aka Ayn Rand, because it’s been obvious all along that Christianity is abhorrent to such ideas and ideals, but that doesn’t change the politicians’ acts one bit. Oh, lets not forget that they have since found a new enemy. Oddly enough, it’s one that considers itself to be the sole arbiter of God’s will; one that wishes to marginalize whole swaths of humanity to death. Just think about that; you do reap what you sow.

  When the current President was elected I issued a series of fearful, angry rants on Facebook that caused some to unfriend me and a few to tell me to “calm down; let things take their course; share your art, not your anger.” For those that said these things, I am grateful that someone even cared to assuage my fears, and it means the world to me, but as I try to live what is left of my life after barely surviving the devastation and losing what is easily a full third of the people who took me in and made a place where I was able to be the person I truly am, a place that kept me reasonably safe from a world that rejected our collective humanity on one hand and yet delighted in its industry on the other, a place that celebrated the minds and souls and wit and especially the beauty that could be found in every human being that graced the face of this planet. I’ve seen firsthand the atrocities Conservative politicians wish to bring to back to my neighborhood and those of people I know and love and billions more I don’t the world over, and now I am respectfully telling you that I will keep posting my art but along with it will be things that express my well-founded and understandable outrage, and as I do I ask you to join me in preventing them from EVER being allowed or even able to do what they did to our world again.

Digital Meme by Troy Lynch. August 2017

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