Fantasia on Madness

When I’m surrounded by the people I’ve loved my entire life, 

Insisting that wrong is right, 

And truth is found in might,

Always circling, never deigning to land,

Or pull their heads from the sand. Then all is madness.


Sadness and madness.

I never asked to be the one who figures all this out,

And it will do no good for you to scream and shout,

You like to think that your God hates me,

So you can berate me.

You think the way you live means you’re anointed,

But when you go home at night, just think about it, your God’s so disappointed. 

Your ideas don’t work,

They just make it easier to be a selfish jerk.

But that’s obviously what you really want,

More wealth to flaunt.

Don’t you see it’s madness?

It’s sadness.

Sadness and madness.

Listen to Fantasia on Madness by Troy Lynch #np on #SoundCloud


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