The Devil Himself

Illustration: “The Ten Accounts of Adam” by Troy K. Lynch graphite on Bristol Board 17″x14″ 1991

Where are the “death panels”? Who’s gun has been taken away? Has anyone been moved into a FEMA camp who wasn’t made homeless by a disaster? When does Hillary’s trial begin? Was your church forced to host a gay wedding? Has the Gay Agenda made your child gay? Now, these are rhetorical questions and of course I know that none of these things have come to be, but more disturbing than people I know having believed such absurdities is their unwillingness to look to the sources from which they, and even more ludicrous warnings and promises, have come and examine them.
Supply Side economics and NeoCon Foreign policy have proven to be lies that were designed to pass wealth and power to a specific sector of our society which has in turn used both to accelerate their hoarding of both to the detriment of the General Welfare of our nation, let alone the damage they have done to the rest of the world.

With all the irrefutable evidence laid out before them, how is it that so many continue to identify with conservatives and continue to support a GOP in a relationship that is identical to ones we see over and over, year after year on “Dr. Phil” where someone has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to an Online Lover in Nigeria, that they have never met in person because circumstances on the far end keep arising that keep them apart?

The answer lies in the fact that once they even begin to question one tiny aspect of these false notions they have based their entire world outlook upon and the undeniable reality sinks in, they will then begin to notice it all. Hillary isn’t being prosecuted because she really didn’t break any laws that would warrant prosecution or stand up in court: I was just manipulated. The Bush Administration was aware that there were no WMDs in Iraq and the longest war in American history was little more than a ruse to funnel obscene amounts of money into an oil industry with operatives in the Executive branch, that had spent the better part of the previous thirty years gouging the world: I was manipulated. Obama was born in Hawaii: I was manipulated. Every vote I’ve cast in the past thirty years has been in support of a pack of lies I merely wanted to be true: I was manipulated.

With each realization of a lie that they had internalized as a sincere belief tears off a layer of the mask the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against humanity have hidden behind, until they get to the identity that is underneath all of what amounts to be the smiling face of the Devil himself, and when the face of the real purpetrator is revealed, they see only themselves.


One thought on “The Devil Himself

  1. I doubt any of them will realize or accept they were lied to. They will go to their graves True Believers.

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