There’s Always Tomorrow for Dreams to Come True

  Watching “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” I noticed, for the first time, that it is all about accepting gay people into society. How could I have missed all of those gay characters for all these years is beyond me.

  Herbie the Elf is so obvious I don’t even need to convince anyone, as is Charlie in a Box, but there’s also Yukon Cornelius: we all know that ginger bear hammering his pickaxe indiscriminately, looking for gold and coming up with “nuttin’”. That hard ass Head Elf is a grumbling curmudgeon until he’s in the bedroom then he turns into an insatiable power bottom barking out orders like a drill Sergeant in an early 80s FALCON STUDIOS production. That cowboy with his girlfriend who looks like an ostrich, looking to lasso a guy for a three way, can be found in any gay bar in North America on any given weekend, and frankly it doesn’t matter how much he has sex with her, he’s not bi because she’s a gay man trapped in a woman’s body! The Abominable Snow Monster: that older retired gentleman who is always raging on coke to the point that he cannot speak and will top anything; even a Christmas tree. I can’t leave out King Moonracer, that winged lion flying around the world, picking up toys, and trying so desperately to be butch with that affected deep voice, claiming to be a basso profundo but in actuality a squeaky baritone, at best, and being called King Moonmuncher behind his back.

  All misfits. All reminding me of dozens of people I knew and lost to AIDS, and hundreds and hundreds of thousands I didn’t know. Some of the brightest and most creative minds of my generation and the one before who were simply allowed to get sick and die because a group claiming falsely to be both a majority and moral viewed them as unacceptable for the society they lived in. A society that those men, despite being marginalized, continued to give to and benefit, all while building safe havens for their own.

  There was no Santa or Rudolph to rescue them, just those of us who, but for grace, we’re able to be caregivers to them as they left for the safe haven of the Island of Misfit Boys. I wonder how much better our society would be had these brilliant, strong, and most importantly, loving men lived. Well, there’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true.


Herbie and the Head Elf

The Abominable Snow Monster tops a tree.

Charlie in a BoxYukon Cornelius


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