This is as Far as I Go

I understand: you know. I can Feel it in your lie.

None of us is getting out of this alive.

Some will go kicking and screaming;

Some, primping and preening;

Some with a sense of justice:

Some.. well… it’s just us.


It’s been 800,000 years,

So sorry to confirm your fears,

There’s no other way out.

Ms Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout,

You still have no clout,

You layabout.

 And what is our end?

We pile ourselves

Up to the ceilings,

Shattered lives:

Broken feelings,

Until we stand

On a heap

Of life…



And once there,

I look down,

From that dizzying height,

I call out to you in my corporal night.

And say to you,

With a modicum of misgivings,

“I can see where you’re living.”

Troy K. Lynch

29 August 2016picsart_08-30-12.21.30.jpg


4 thoughts on “This is as Far as I Go

  1. Troy, very interesting, it will take some time to digest this. Now to keep from placing this amongst the rest of the clutter that makes up my life. This is a very curious meditation. John

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    1. I had write the first part in a text without trying to wax poetic. The recipient, told me that he liked the way I write, then upon re-reading I decided to take it further. It references Shel Silverstein, bit that’s all I will betray. Thanks.

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