Unskilled Labor? Really?!?!?!

When discussing a raise in the Minimum Wage one often hears that those in low paying jobs are “unskilled”. Aside from them having an impressive battery of basic physical and interpersonal skills that are requisite for making it out of grade school, I would like to point out that indeed it is a skill to not beat the holy crap out of someone whom, while getting 4 weeks paid vacation, while making enough money to invest in a retirement fund, while sending their child to private school, while possessing two cars but one is really just their “toy”, while checking the time on their Rolex watch because they need to leave early for a three o’clock tee time at the club, while having gone to public University on Pell Grants and Federal low interest loans finds “socialism” evil, and while ascribing to a political philosophy that blames the ills of society on the poor and not on the wealthy political class whom have been in control of the system for the past two generations tells them that for $7-$8-$9-$10/hr they are expected to be available for any given shift and on time, whether or not they can maintain facial hair, that they will have to purchase their required uniform, maintain reliable transportation, not have tattoos that can be seen or have more than one earring per ear, that they do not have a tuition reimbursement program, that they do not have enough employees to be required to give Family Leave and therefore do not, and the list goes on and on. Yes, things would be much different if they were truly “unskilled”!

If the Minimum Wage had kept up with inflation from its inception it would be $21.75/hr: a raise to $10.25/hr is a Bandaid on a bullet wound. $15/hr immediately then a gradual raise over the next three years to parity + inflation of that $21.75/hr is the only acceptable move.

I see the problem here.
I see the problem here, don’t you?

National Employment Law Project


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