Brava! Brava!

TransformIf anyone questions whether Caitlyn Jenner has actually been courageous by being open about his transition, just read all of the vitriolic and narrow minded reactions to him receiving the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Should one believe there are others more deserving, one’s beef is with the committee that confers the award, not the recipient. Keep in mind that the award is named for Ashe, not because he picked up a gun and obediently slaughtered others doing the same; not because he faced a terminal illness with bravery and allowed the public to witness his demise and make a place in their hearts for him. At a time when a diagnosis of AIDS made one a pariah because of the profound ignorance of not just the general public but those in the upper echelons of society and therefore power, a time when people with AIDS were barred from many public accommodations, routinely were abandoned by their families, lost their jobs, and faced these indignities along side a horrific parade of novel and often disfiguring illnesses while being helped along in this demise by the ridiculously toxic, few substances being used to treat them, in the midst of all that Arthur Ashe became an advocate for those with him on that dark journey and helped to save the soul of this nation, ignorant and cruel. That is what courage looks like.


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