I sometimes worry

that maybe John Lennon

was too big for this Earth.


That there wasn’t room enough,

And he had to go to Heaven.

Where there was, just enough room.

That’s why he had to leave so soon.


So it goes and so on and so forth,

forever and again:

all things must come to an end.


I read a really

good book

just the other day.

It was all about you

And You, and You,

and you and you.

They even mentioned

me in the end.


So it goes, this way and that,

Forever and a day:

It just goes that way.

It goes that way

Day after day


I went to a party.

It actually was for me.

Even though I wasn’t there.


You might think that’s bad.

No one was sad.

No tears fell like rain.

I’d gone to see the Beatles.

They’re together again.


Troy Lynch

                                                      30 May 2015


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