Oklahoma Ranked 35th in K-12 Education: Mary Fallin is their Governor

Mary Fallin, you poor ignorant fool: it’s not too surprising that you were elected governor of the state ranked 35th in K-12 education, but really, a “state’s rights” argument? A majority of Oklahomans voted? In eighth grade history class you should have learned that we live in a Democratic Republic with a Constitution amended to contain a Bill of Rights which supersedes your State Constitution and its ill conceived ban on same sex marriage. We do not rule by mob, and yes, you can define marriage, but not in such a way as to create a second class. Now considering this gaffe on your part and your state’s low educational rank I think your state might just be one where people will now think they can marry their dogs, so you may have a mess on your hands, but that’s your own fault for not educating your citizens, not the fault of loving gay couples seeking equality under the law


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