Stop Treating Depression with Twelve Step Programs

As a person who has suffered from depression since childhood, I can tell you that so often we are told we have a spiritual deficiency, we need to see the glass as half full or, as one therapist told me, we need to get more comfortable with our feelings. How does one become comfortable with despair? How can one see the glass as half full when everything they cared about is the part that is gone? How can one believe in a God who takes away and/or keeps away that which would give the greatest sense of fulfillment? These are just the tip of the iceberg where depression is concerned! So coping mechanisms (cognitive techniques) and balancing one’s own psychic pain against that which we would inflict on others by suicide become the most common “life lines” for those who cannot afford or tolerate common medications or cannot afford therapy or access a decent therapist (I have had five and only one was any good, but I could only afford to see her four times and one I consider a fraud because after seeing him for a year and a half, calling him a psychologist and never being corrected by him, he finally hung his PhD on the wall: he was a Doctor of Social Work not a psychologist! Immense difference!) Should those coping skills begin to fail, often friends and family will distance themselves especially when self medication comes into play, because it is mistaken for drug abuse and/or addiction. Then comes the intervention, but a twelve step program isn’t a proper treatment for depression, just ask Robin Williams. The truly awful thing is, right now the most promising treatment for depression, which works in a matter of hours, not weeks or months like SSRIs (Zoloft, Sertraline, etc…) and lasts for years, is Ketamine (party drug AKA Special K), but because one will experience a dissociative state (the high) it’s not seen as a viable treatment. It’s OK if one is having brain surgery but not to treat depression? But the real truth behind it not being approved is that one only needs one treatment that could cost as little as $120, doctor’s visit included and wouldn’t have to be on a maintenance medication or have to be seeing a doctor for years, thus depriving both pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric industry of billions of dollars


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