Memorial Day

  Memorial Day: As originally intended should find us mourning the loss and celebrating the lives of those who have lain down their lives in defense of the US Constitution and our American way of life, but the unfortunate betrayal of the high principles of that document by self serving politicians and the Plutocracy behind them, buying the various offices they occupy, has seen this holiday reduced to an irreverent Bacchanalia, prematurely heralding the coming of summer. There are those who do memorialise the Fallen, but as I have witnessed those memorials, they are thinly disguised rallies for the Powers that Be and their minions for whom the Constitution is an obstacle in any case where it doesn’t further their business interests, their religious agenda or the preservation of their elevated status achieved through a pernicious accumulation of wealth. Women who dare to assert their equality, former slaves fighting off the shackles of a convention discredited before the Constitution was written, homosexuals whom have been the victims of a sexual double standard for eons and children born into a world that cares not one iota for the powerlessness of their struggle but does care for how that struggle can be used to further their own interests: these are the casualties of an undeclared war; a war that has been fought, ironically, in the name of a God of love.

  I understand that in terms of abilities we are not equals, but assert that the value of our accumulated abilities does make us equal. Jealousy and envy when overcome by empathy and understanding leave any animosity we might have for one another dashed on the rocks of the new shore we find ourselves on and frees us to pursue an existence of mutual fortune. 


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. TTrotski – What a well thought out post. Thank you for reminding people of the importance of Memorial Day and it’s meaning. Not only should re remember the brave who fought and paid the supreme price in out country’s Revolution, Civil War, and WWII, but also who have served to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
    We need to be reminded of the premise that “all men are created equal.” A phrase which is expanded to mean “people.” People pack your prejudices in a suitcase, lock it, and struggle that they not creep back into your soul. If they do, we will be shackled with the burden they bring which will not allow us to enjoy our fellow citizens and new immigrants.
    This is not a day for a big picnic, rather a day to remember those who have struggled to make our freedom possible. We must continue that struggle for equality and freedom!

    1. Thanks, John! I was born on the Fourth of July and my three siblings on Labour Day, The Yule and Memorial Day, respectively. So these holidays and frankly all the others have been the subject of particular contemplation for me. This is the first in a three part series to be published over the course of the weekend: I hope you enjoy it and your holiday!

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